When you think about, I mean really think about, is it our eyes that we really see with? Is it our eyes that we look at things with? Is it our eyes that determines on how we see the world around us?

I used to think that…..

I often get asked when I take people out walking, do you ever get bored of seeing the same thing all the time? The answer is, and will always be, no day is ever the same.

Every time I walk out the door to enter the outdoors is a new experience, a new feeling, a new sense.

One of the most amazing moments I have had recently is during a walk I took on the foothills of Snowdon in the Cwm LLan valley, which is on the Southern slope of Snowdon. I started my walk in Beddgelert, came up

through Coed Craflwyn (Craflwyn woods) and dropped down into the valley. I stopped at the waterfall, that has made its way down, winding through the hills and growing stronger as it moves swiftly through the hillside, I stop as I have done many times before and I look.

I look and I see crystal clear water, crashing down over glistening wet rocks that twinkle in the sunlight. I see the water swirling as it drops down into plunge pools, I see birds swooping in and out of the water to drink and to bathe. But to really see this, I close my eyes and I sit. I sit and I listen. I sit and feel. I sit and relax as I breath in everything around me. The sensation that flows through me is how I imagine the river flows through the landscape. The feeling of the air that moves around me is how I imagine the air moves though the trees that line this very river. The sound of the babbling brook is what I imagine the birds hear when they move swiftly in and out of the water.

We take seeing for granted, what we really need to do is to just stop, close our eyes to really see what is happening around us.

When was the last time you just stopped to look?