People quite often ask me why I do what I do and do I enjoy it? I have the same answer every single time and it is, how can you not love something truly and utterly breathtaking? 

An example of this was last weekend when I took my lovely group that came on the retreat down to Fairy Glen waterfalls near Betws Y Coed in North Wales. You come down the steps and the sun is shining through the glen, bouncing of the walls, turning the river into this beautiful green colour, where the light is dancing off the water. 

Either side of the glen, the trees are looming over high above,  and the senses just go wild around you. The smell of wild garlic and bluebells, the calming sounds of the water bubbling away in the river alongside the birdsong, the gentle breeze that flows through. Truly is a magical place. 

As we make our down, weaving in and out of the rocks to get to the waters edge, I see something out of the corner of my eye so I stop, and I look. Then I have to take a closer look as I could not believe my eyes, what I saw was magical, truly nature at its best. It was a beautiful Female Southen Hawker Dragonfly in its final stage of its cycle before becoming an adult dragonfly. What we can see is the Adult who has moulted for the final time (after doing it 15 times) and is sat on the back of its cast skin (formally a nymph or larva) and is called exuvia, and the whole process takes about an hour. It then sits on the back of the exuvia for a further hour before making its maiden flight. The life cycle of a dragonfly is something extraordinary and we were lucky enough to see the final stage before it flew away.